Don't have a router? 903 Broadband has you covered.

You may lease our managed router for an additional $14.95 plus tax per month.

What that price includes is a warranty for the unit, a team of experts if you have issues along with a free mobile app that lets you view and manage all home network connected devices plus ProtectIQ which provides protection against viruses, malware, and malicious websites, keeping your network and devices safe from cyberattacks.

We also offer an additional in-app service with ExperienceIQ! This add-on gives you the tools needed to enforce the internet rules you establish for your home or business. Set up profiles for your children or devices, filter content, websites, and applications, and set appropriate time limits.
As of December 1, 2022 this feature is now included in the managed router price!!!

You may provide your own router however any service calls related to issues with your router may result in a rolling truck fee.

Set up security for the 903 Managed router to protect your privacy.

Provide replacement and installation of the 903 Managed Router in the event of an accident

Provide 24/7 phone support to connect YOUR devices to the 903 Managed Router

Provide 24/7 technical support to make changes to the 903 Managed Router and connect any new devices to the 903 Managed Router.